Recap of the Euroheat & Power Congress 2023: Shaping the future of district heating and cooling

Euroheat & Power held its 2023 edition Congress in Turin, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to explore the critical role of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) in addressing the climate crisis. With a record attendance of 450 participants, the Euroheat & Power congress provided a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. In this article we share some of our lessons learned and vision on the topics discussed during our visit to Turin.

Embracing the digitalization era

One of the key takeaways from the congress was the significant progress in digitalization within the DHC sector. The launch of  and cooling systems showcased how technology and data-driven solutions are enhancing efficiency, optimizing grid operations, and empowering end consumers. By embracing the digital era, the industry is well-equipped to provide improved services and meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Putting consumers at the center of change

The congress emphasized the importance of actively involving and engaging end consumers in the DHC sector. Participants stressed the need for proactive industry involvement and increased consumer trust. Building positive relationships with consumers through transparency, affordability, and proactive communication will be instrumental in driving the adoption of district heating and cooling solutions.

Illuminating the path to sustainability

Cornerstones of the sector transparency emerged as a critical aspect of the DHC sector. Stakeholders emphasized the importance of providing clear information and fostering trust among consumers. Demonstrating transparency in energy sources, emissions, and pricing helps build a sustainable relationship between suppliers and end users. The congress emphasized the need for sustainability in the energy sources utilized by DHC systems, highlighting the increasing demand for local and renewable options to reduce carbon footprints.

Synergy in action: optimizing efficiency through sector coupling

Enhancing grid efficiency optimization of DHC grids was another key focus of the discussions. By integrating multiple sources on the same grid and leveraging various available sources, such as renewables, waste heat, and geothermal energy, the industry can maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Moreover, the concept of sector coupling, integrating heating and cooling systems with electricity and other sectors, was highlighted as a means to further enhance grid performance and overall energy system efficiency.

The power of positive imaging and affordability

Shaping consumer perception creating positive narratives and demonstrating tangible benefits is crucial to shaping consumer perception. The congress emphasized the need for positive stories and visible examples of successful DHC implementations to build customer confidence and encourage wider adoption. Affordability and pricing strategies were also extensively discussed, recognizing the importance of ensuring that DHC solutions remain accessible and economically viable for all.

Embracing diversity: navigating country and cultural specific dynamics

One of the key points highlighted during the EuroHeat and Power Congress was the recognition that each country has its own unique dynamics and varying stages of development in the district heating and cooling sector. Factors such as infrastructure availability, energy sources, and regulatory frameworks differ from country to country. Moreover, cultural considerations play a significant role in shaping consumer preferences and attitudes towards adopting new energy solutions. Recognizing these diversities, the congress emphasized the importance of tailoring strategies and approaches to fit the specific contexts of each country, ensuring successful implementation and acceptance of district heating and cooling systems.

Knowledge is power: fostering collaboration through willingness to share

A notable aspect of the congress was the evident willingness among industry players to share information and collaborate. The recognition that knowledge exchange is crucial for driving progress and overcoming challenges was highlighted throughout the event. Participants actively engaged in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, fostering an environment of collaboration and information sharing. This collective effort is instrumental in accelerating the growth and development of the district heating and cooling market, enabling stakeholders to learn from each other’s experiences, best practices, and innovations.

Future outlook: paving the way for sustainable growth

The EuroHeat and Power Congress unveiled the revealing substantial growth projections for the sector in the UK and various EU countries. This growth highlights the increasing recognition of district heating and cooling as a viable and sustainable solution. However, the congress emphasized the necessity for government support to stimulate investment, provide regulatory frameworks, and enhance market security for investors and users.


The EuroHeat and Power Congress 2023 highlighted the advancements in digitalization, transparency, and sustainability in the District Heating and Cooling sector. With a focus on consumer engagement, affordability, and tailored strategies for country-specific dynamics, the event emphasized the industry’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future. The congress showcased the willingness for information sharing and collaboration among industry players. With substantial growth projected in the UK and EU countries, government support will be crucial for the expansion of the DHC sector. The congress demonstrated the industry’s readiness to address the global energy and climate crisis through innovative and collaborative approaches. This vision fits perfectly with Zero Friction’s mission to empower heating and cooling suppliers with digitalization and meter-to-cash solutions to increase efficiency, enhance customer service, and satisfy end consumers.


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