Zero Friction does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They really the focus on heat. This ensures us, as a heat supplier and heat grid operator, that the tool will evolve with the dynamic heat market. For us, that is quite a reassurance.”

Beauvent is a citizens’ cooperative based in Ostend comprised of 8,300 citizens whom all invest in renewable energy projects: solar, wind, heat, and heat grids as well.

Frédéric Haghebaert, General Manager at Beauvent, leads a team of 13 people specialising in the development of renewable energy projects. These are project developers, project managers, and operators of now over 200 solar installations, 5 wind turbines, 6 heat projects, and the heat grid in Ostend.

Beauvent actively contributes to the heat transition with the realisation of the Ostend heat grid. It recovers residual heat from the incinerator, and use that to heat water. That hot water then goes to companies, public authorities, or private individuals in Ostend. By doing so, they can get off gas and reduce CO2 emissions by 95% by connecting to the heat grid.

Before coming on board with Zero Friction, they had been working with their own accounting software since 2019, mainly targeting large customers and companies. As they grew in the last few years, the need arose for a more flexible environment. They found that at Zero Friction. Besides the SaaS platform, they also use the customer portal to share information and communicate with their consumers in a visual way.

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