Ann Vandenbroucke -Director of Sales and Services at IVBO- testifies: "We had been in contact with Zero Friction for a while, but given the small number of connections, it was not interesting for us at the time. Due to the strong growth in recent years, manual processing became too time-consuming and the risk of manual errors was too high. Further research showed that the Zero Friction platform was the right solution for us to contract new customers, send out advance invoices and take care of yearly invoices. In a second phase, we are setting up the Zero Friction customer portal to provide customers with online insights into their contracts, consumption and costs."

IVBO is the “Intermunicipal partnership for Waste Removal and Processing” in Bruges and Ommeland.  IVBO has one of the first and largest heat networks in Flanders. When the incinerators were built, the government at the time opted for a plant with energy recovery. Currently 65% of the residual heat goes to the AZ Sint-Jan hospital, but also the prison, some companies, apartments and recently also the entire residential area “Duivenkeet” are connected to the heat network. In addition, IVBO has come up with a Flemish first: it sets a price ceiling for its own heat network. In this way it wants to offer consumers renewable, but also affordable heating.

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