Johan Max, Project manager at Nieuw Dak: “Zero Friction offers a service that fits our needs perfectly, but the pricing was also decisive to choose the Zero Friction software.”

Nieuw Dak is a social housing organization that builds and rents social housing in Genk, As, Oudsbergen and Zutendaal. Their goal is to make the 3650 homes a real home for tenants. Nieuw Dak’s mission is to guarantee energy-efficient, high-quality and affordable houses. Read more about ‘Nieuw Dak’  on their website.

The share of collectively heated homes is increasing at Nieuw Dak. Originally, Nieuw Dak processed the billing and administration of homes with collective systems themselves, but they soon realised that they needed assistance to invoice efficiently to their tenants. In their search for a suitable solution, they ended up at Zero Friction. The Zero Friction platform, according to Johan Max – Project manager at Nieuw Dak – fits perfectly with their needs. For example, they can now consult the annual contracts and invoices of their tenants whenever and wherever they want.

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