Joris Van der Flaas, Sustainability and Techniques Expert: "We were quickly convinced by the favorable price and the additional measurement data insights that Zero Friction can offer us. With the software platform we will be able to detect and solve remarkable consumption or costs immediately. We are in the process of equipping all collective systems with a smart meter so that they can be connected to the Zero Friction platform."

Founded in 1963, Zonnige Kempen is the youngest social housing company in Flanders. They offer good and affordable housing to people with a low income, both in the rental and the owner-occupied sector. Zonnige Kempen wants to excel in an ecologically responsible, economical and efficient policy. They selectively deal with the building environment, use sustainable technologies and sensitize their residents and staff to work, live and work in a sustainable way. Sustainability is in the DNA of Zonnige Kempen, but they also participate in initiatives abroad to spread their knowledge about sustainability in social housing.

One of the initiatives of Zonnige Kempen is the optimization and digitalization of the collective energy systems in their homes. Joris Van der Flaas, Expert in sustainability and techniques, came across Zero Friction when searching for digital solutions to optimize their collective energy systems.

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