Invoicing the supply of collective heating and cooling was never so easy

Zero Friction offers an accessible, scalable and affordable cloudplatform for heat suppliers and building managers. You can use the platform for both small and large projects. What’s more, you can use the platform straight away without having to make a large investment. Do you also want to take all your energy invoicing tasks off your hands?

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The invoicing of heating and cooling in three steps

automatische facturatie

1. We receive and process measurement data from the customer

Zero Friction links up with various measurement data communication systems so that we can receive the meter readings from the end customer. Thanks to machine learning during the validation, there is almost no need for manual interaction. The platform immediately identifies any deviations or missing measurement data and displays them. That means that you can intervene very quickly and notify your customer about abnormal heat consumption.

2. Transparent invoicing to your customer

The Zero Friction platform automatically generates invoices after receiving the measurement data. If desired, it sends the invoices digitally by means transparent templates. The platform is very flexible in the way it structures products and rates. Added to that, every month it adapts the advance payments of the customers to their meter readings, so they never have to face any unpleasant surprises on their annual final statement.

automatische facturatie
automatische facturatie

3. Tracking payments automatically

The digital payment or the payment by direct debit is processed quickly. You can transparently keep track of the payment in the system. Standard inbuilt reminders make it even easier to track payments. Everything is handled automatically, so you have more time to focus on your customers.

Peace of mind


We provide peace of mind with the completely new metering & billing solution developed by our team. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the world of energy and IT.

Happy customers

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We give heat suppliers and building managers peace of mind by taking over all their administrative tasks.

Better climate


Our customers can work in a more customer-oriented way. This leads to optimal energy consumption, making it easier to realise climate targets.

The solution for:

Zero friction is offering a total solution for heat suppliers and building managers with heat networks of all sizes. In this way, it can relieve them of all their administrative tasks. Like to know more about what it means for you?

Building managers




Heat suppliers


Easy invoicing is no longer science fiction!

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Software as a service (SaaS)

No expensive investment for a platform that is always up to date


Clear information about the required actions and a real-time overview of your customer portfolio

Freedom of choice

Autonomous link with meter suppliers, banks and accounting packages

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