Peace of mind for heat suppliers, building managers and cooperatives

Zero Friction, a young company based in Flanders, has an innovative approach to the heat market. We give heat suppliers and building managers peace of mind by taking all their administrative tasks off their hands. That means that our customers can work in a more customer-oriented way. This leads to optimal energy consumption, which makes it possible to realise climate targets more easily. We offer peace of mind with a completely new metering & billing solution. The solution was developed by our team, which has more than 25 years of experience in the world of energy and IT.


A short history of Zero Friction


succesvolle facturatie

Official launch of Zero Friction by Wim Jacobs, Lars van Elewijck and Yoni Nijs


werknemer Zero Friction

First employee hired



Nda signed for a sales partnership with Ecompany for the Belgian construction market


Facturatie dashboard

Our product is ready for commercial use


start-up Zero Friction

Product launch

Our team

Team Zero Friction
Founder Zero Friction

Lars van Elewijck
Functional Lead

+32 473 48 02 24

Zero Friction founder

Yoni Nijs
Technical Product Lead

+32 474 04 99 92

Wim Jacobs

Wim Jacobs
General Manager

+32 479 26 81 75

Zero Friction werknemer

Bjorn De Rijcke
Technical Consultant

+32 478 08 67 04

Zero Friction werknemer

Michaël Verhaeghe
Front-end Developer

+32 477 39 65 32

Zero Friction werknemer

Hanna Vande Vyvere
Marketing & Sales Support

+32 472 64 68 84

Zero Friction werknemer

David Demet
Digital Designer

+32 495 13 26 40

Zero Friction werknemer

Gregory Nickmans
Technical Consultant

+32 494 85 62 29

Zero Friction werknemer

Thomas Sevenans
Technical Consultant

+32 477 96 44 02

Team Dries

Dries Bols
Technical Consultant

+32 493 96 51 25