No more IT worries. Fully up to date digitally.

With a good back-office application, we turn your business into an efficient and customer-oriented organisation. Zero Friction is offering a metering & billing solution that gives everybody peace of mind. A solution that we built on strong foundations and that focuses on transparency, clarity and speed.


1. Contracts

Effortless management of the customer portfolio

Digital processing and signing are the main focus. They make it extremely easy to sign and manage contracts. You always have a clear overview because you can access contracts from a range of entities.

2. Measurement data

Autonomous links with automatic and manual meter hardware, with freedom of choice for the customer

Zero Friction supports both manually readable meters and smart meters and safely links them to the platform through FTP, SFTP, email or API. The customer has complete freedom when choosing brands. Zero Friction helps create a good connection with no worries.

Meetdata verwerking
automatische facturatie

3. Billing and cost allocation

Efficient and automatic invoicing with the focus on clarity for the end customer

Zero Friction makes invoicing very easy. Everything is done clearly and automatically. Different energy types are automatically invoiced on the basis of consumption data or fixed costs. Zero Friction guarantees a very user-friendly way of configuring products and rates.

4. Payments

Smooth handling of your customers’ payments, directly to your account using the bank of your choice

Thanks to the Zero Friction payment mechanism, direct debit and direct debit/credit transfer has never be easier. You always have an overview of the payments that are processed every month and of the status of your customer portfolio. For late payments, you can use the inbuilt reminder cycle.

klantencontracten software

5. Customers

No more unpleasant surprises for your customers

Give your end customer transparency and become a customer-friendly organisation. We provide digital solutions that enable us to give proactive advice at an early stage. That ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises for your end customers

6. Data processing

At Zero Friction, you can be sure that your data is safe. What’s more, every action is traceable

There is standard RBAC authorisation throughout our infrastructure, based on the security infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. We also use the reputable Identity as a Service, by means of HTTPS, which makes access to the application as safe as possible. Lastly, we store the data safely with Encryption at Rest.