DEVO celebrates the go-live of the Zero Friction billing platform and customer portal

DEVO is a public heating company in Veenendaal that supplies heating and cooling to around 2,100 homes in the Veenendaal-east district, inĀ  Buurtstede and Veenderij sub-areas. In addition, they also have an agreement with the Municipality of Veenendaal on operating heating and cooling to about 930 homes in the new ‘Groenpoort’ subarea.

DEVO’s collective energy system is not only sustainable, but also operates with thermal storage and cogeneration, which contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainability in Veenendaal-east. In addition, the Groenpoort district will have its own innovative and sustainable power plant from the end of 2024. With a unique heat pump concept and the use of large-scale heat buffering, this energy house will soon produce heat in as CO2-neutral a manner as possible.

DEVO had been looking for some time for a new software solution that would reliably and conveniently display their metering data and invoicing on a centralised platform. Martijn Prop, project manager at DEVO, chose the Zero Friction platform to streamline the invoicing process: “We find it important to have a customer-friendly invoicing platform we can trust, which is scalable and where we don’t have to worry about evolving legislation. Moreover, Zero Friction’s clear product vision, with a specific focus on the heat market, is very much to our liking.”

By implementing the Zero Friction customer portal, DEVO is committed to providing a transparent service. This will give residents detailed insight into their heat consumption and advance billing. On top of that, they can report moves and their monthly advance amount themselves.

Zero Friction is proud to be part of the DEVO project, where we realised the transition from an old to a new system in a short period of time. We look forward to a long-lasting cooperation!

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