Zero Friction starts an innovation subsidy project with the support of Vlaio

Zero Friction starts the innovation project with the approval and support of Vlaio, with the aim of making the invoicing of collective heat more dynamic. Specifically, we want to predict what the consumption – and therefore the costs – are for customers, so that we can achieve a zero invoice on the annual statement by means of transparent and dynamic invoices. In this way, customers can be proactively informed and adjusted so that they will never again be faced with unpleasant surprises.

The content of the project consists of the following aspects:

  • identifying heat profiles
  • predict consumption and costs
  • detect anomalies
  • generate dynamic advances
  • proactive advice to residents

A strong product is not sufficient to obtain an innovation subsidy from the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Vlaio). This must be supported by a cast-iron file, the composition of which requires separate know-how. EY assisted Zero Friction in this exercise. Read the full article about the collaboration between EY and Zero Friction here or watch the video below.

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