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We welcome Duurzaam Opgewekt in the Zero Friction community!

Duurzaam Opgewekt is an operating company for sustainable, collective heating systems. Full of enthusiasm and no fuss, they have grown over the years into THE sustainable energy specialist in building and maintaining collective energy facilities in buildings and residential areas.

Duurzaam Opgewekt

Since July 1, 2020 Duurzaam Opgewekt has been the new heating and cooling supplier of ‘Het Paleiskwartier-Noord’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch with approximately 1000 homes and 55,000 m2 of commercial spaces. Duurzaam Opgewekt will modernize the heat-cold storage (thermal energy storage) installation and make it more sustainable in the coming years. Duurzaam Opgewekt has opted for the Zero Friction software to have the heat settlement of the houses run automatically and to provide more insights into the consumption data. Bob Bloemers – Commercial Director at Duurzaam Opgewekt – immediately believed in Zero Friction and attaches great importance to the involvement of the entire Zero Friction team behind the platform.

It is nice that we can simply implement the Zero Friction software in our business operations and keep the reins in our own hands. The automations within the system make sending out and collecting advance invoices as well as final and annual invoices for Duurzaam Opgewekt very easy. “

Bob Bloemers, Commercial Director at Duurzaam Opgewekt

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