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Zero Friction is proud to present its new customer Cordium

Cordium is a social housing company in South Limburg that builds and rents social housing in Hasselt, Alken, Kortessem, Hoeselt and Bilzen. Cordium is known for its great heart for residents and considers cordial and correct services of paramount importance.

Cordium strives to continuously optimize and make its homes more sustainable. That is why they resolutely choose to replace all homes where repairs or renewals to the heating system are required with sustainable, collective heating systems. They also invariably opt for green heating solutions for their new projects. In 2014, Cordium participated in a European project in which they rolled out a fourth-generation heat network for 68 homes. After the project, they still manage the net with great pride.

It is clear that Cordium is constantly evolving, which means that they also have to manage more and more collective systems. A while ago they chose to be guided by software to facilitate the processes around cost sharing and invoicing. This is how William Nelissen – Site manager and Head of the technical department at Cordium – ended up at Zero Friction.

The click with Zero Friction was immediately there, I believe in what they do and I look forward to connecting all projects and the fourth-generation heat network within Cordium to the invoicing platform.”

William Nelissen, Site manager and Head of the technical department at Cordium

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