Moving together towards a trouble-free heat transition

Zero Friction, which was founded in 2018, supports the heat transition in an innovative way with digital solutions. The three founders – Wim Jacobs, Yoni Nijs and Lars van Elewijck – jointly have over 25 years of experience with energy invoicing and customer communication software in the European energy sector. Zero Friction is based on handling the invoicing of collective energy smoothly, transparently and accurately with customised advice for residents.

Making buildings more sustainable and reducing CO2 emissions – this is one of the biggest challenges of the energy transition. Zero Friction guarantees efficiency and transparency in sustainable, collective energy systems. With our innovative software, we provide customers with maximum support and reliable invoices and we also increase support by providing transparency to residents.

Zero Friction

Our values

At Zero Friction, we attach great importance to certain values. We want to extend this to everything we do and who we are for all the parties concerned.


Speed and flexibility are indispensable in the constantly evolving collective energy market. The climate targets are getting closer and closer. Speedily serving customers and developing new digital applications that provide more efficiency and transparency are standard values at Zero Friction.


Quality is a top priority at Zero Friction. We realise all too well that Zero Friction is working at the heart of the financial flow. Besides user-friendly and efficient processes, we promise accuracy at all times and we conduct countless automatic tests to guarantee quality.


Zero Friction is characterised by its low-threshold customer service. We can easily be reached at any time through various channels. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our aim is to always achieve long-term, open partnerships with our partners and customers.


Zero Friction listens closely to feedback from customers and always responds to their needs and wishes. Our software can be smoothly integrated into a customer’s current business operations. In this way, we guarantee business efficiency and stability while taking the legislation and developments in the market into account.

Our team

Zero Friction founder

Yoni Nijs
CTO/ Product Lead

Wim Jacobs

Wim Jacobs

Founder Zero Friction

Lars van Elewijck
Functional Lead

Over ons: Monique Blaauboer

Monique Blaauboer
Senior Accountmanager The Netherlands

Benoit Berben
Senior Accountmanager Belgium

Gunther Govaerts
Customer Succes Manager

Zero Friction werknemer

Hanna Vande Vyvere
Communication & Marketing support

Anita Tsarova
Sales Development Representative

Jasper DeBoel
Customer Service Employee

Steven De Coninck
Customer Service Employee

Zero Friction werknemer

David Demet
Digital Designer

Zero Friction werknemer

Thomas Sevenans
Technical Consultant

Team Dries

Dries Bols
Technical Consultant


Mathias Kiekens
Technical Consultant

Zero Friction werknemer

Bjorn De Rijcke
Technical Consultant

Yorben Goor
Technical Consultant

Zero Friction werknemer

Michaël Verhaeghe
Front-end Developer

Brecht Smit
Customer Service Employee




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