Billing platform and customer interaction made easy for heating and cooling suppliers

At Zero Friction, we're shaking up the game of billing and customer interaction in the heating and cooling market. We're not just another software company. With our user-friendly and easy-to-implement Software-as-a-Service platform, we're all about giving heating and cooling suppliers the digital tools to simplify their business processes and boost customer satisfaction.


Heating/ Cooling Suppliers

As a supplier, you manage a thermal distribution grid. You service and invoice your customers. You want to provide excellent customer satisfaction and reliability at an affordable cost to serve. You know that having flexible meter to cash processes is not trivial. Zero Friction is your reliable solution partner.

Zero Friction: Syndici en VVE

Property Managers

As a property manager, you provide energy and energy invoices for your individual tenants. You want to make the invoicing and cash collection straightforward whilst minimizing cost and IT complexity and maximizing happy customers. Zero Friction provides you an easy to use solution.

Energy Service Providers

As an energy service provider, you support the collective energy market. You want to grow your business by serving multiple organisations each with their own policies. The Zero Friction solution allows you to scale your business as required.


Reduction in training


Increase in NPS


Reduction in cost to serve


More invoicing on time

What customers say about us

Peter Van de Witte (Senior Buyer) and Harold Maasen (Operational Manager) testify: “We noticed immediately during the selection process that Zero Friction understands our business very well. They fully meet our requirements and wishes regarding the product. The online platform is complete, high quality and user friendly. In addition, like us, they always put the customers first. Last but not least, they have knowledge of the market. Our customers are well taken care of and will be helped by professional service providers with expertise. That is a great reassurance.”

Equans The Netherlands

Eric Perdu, Senior Commercial Manager: “Thanks to Zero Friction we can rest easy. Their software gives us business security and stability in many areas. We save at least 1 FTE internally because the incoming data is automatically processed into invoices. Moreover, thanks to the built-in data checks we are sure that all invoices are sent on time and correctly."


“The choice was quickly made”, says Frits Rasing, Financial Manager of Mijnwater. “The back office and the customer portal are both very user-friendly. In addition, the application offers us many consumption insights and standard export options. The complete service package that is fully in line with our operations and the ACM requirements and the interface possibilities with our own solutions within Mijnwater were the decisive advantages.”


Bob Bloemers, Commercial Director at Duurzaam Opgewekt: "It is nice that we can simply implement the Zero Friction software in our business operations and keep the reins in our own hands. The automations within the system make sending out and collecting advance invoices as well as final and annual invoices for Duurzaam Opgewekt very easy."

Duurzaam Opgewekt

Director Alex Sessink: "Thanks to Zero Friction I save at least a couple of working days per month. I only have to approve the direct debit order every month. The other processes are fully automated. Correct communication is very important to us. So it's also very nice that, via the customer portal, we can inform our customers about their energy consumption and costs. And tis all is done according to the current legislation."

De Graaflander

Johan Max, Project manager at Nieuw Dak: “Zero Friction offers a service that fits our needs perfectly, but the pricing was also decisive to choose the Zero Friction software.”

Nieuw Dak

Ann Vandenbroucke -Director of Sales and Services at IVBO- testifies: "We had been in contact with Zero Friction for a while, but given the small number of connections, it was not interesting for us at the time. Due to the strong growth in recent years, manual processing became too time-consuming and the risk of manual errors was too high. Further research showed that the Zero Friction platform was the right solution for us to contract new customers, send out advance invoices and take care of yearly invoices. In a second phase, we are setting up the Zero Friction customer portal to provide customers with online insights into their contracts, consumption and costs."


Dick Maaskant, Director at Duurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal: "Zero Friction is a young, innovative company that handles all the administrative processes associated with the invoicing of collective heat in a solid and reliable way.”

Duurzaam Energiebedrijf Roosendaal

William Nelissen, Site manager and Head of the technical department at Cordium: "The click with Zero Friction was immediately there, I believe in what they do and I look forward to connecting all projects and the fourth-generation heat network within Cordium to the invoicing platform.”


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