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 Reliable and simple invoicing with transparency for the end user

The Zero Friction Cloud software turns your company into an efficient and customer-oriented organisation. Link the platform to the meter hardware and accounting package of your choice. Trouble-free processing of measurement data, invoicing, payment follow-up, customer management and transparency for end users with the customer portal.

Measurement & Consumption Data

The Zero Friction platform links up with the meter hardware of your choice using API, (S) FTP or email. We process the measurement data, immediately convert it into consumption data and then link it to the correct address. You can use the user-friendly dashboard to view the individual consumption figures or the total consumption per building at any time.

Missing measurement data is immediately detected and identified. The Zero Friction platform guides you through the process and helps you quickly resolve issues so that no mistakes are made in the invoicing process.


Invoicing is the beating heart of the Zero Friction platform. Collective energy can be invoiced in two ways:

 Invoicing based on fixed or consumption-related rates.

 Invoicing based on cost distribution.

Standard features in this process include the management of products and rates, flexible advance and invoicing frequency and clear invoices that are emailed directly from the platform. This module includes a host of options for making your invoicing process as simple and as automatic as possible.

Payment Process

If desired, the Zero Friction platform can also be used for reliable payment follow-up. We support the processing of automatic payments (AI, direct debit, reversals) and the processing of manual transfers. Payment reminders and demands are sent automatically and are linked to pre-set deadlines. You always have a clear overview of the balance per customer and all the outstanding invoices.

If the payment follow-up is performed using our own accounting program, we link this efficiently to our software.

Contract & Product management

As an energy provider you have a contractual agreement with your customer. This contract consists of one or more costs that will be used by the meter to cash process. Products can have a fixed cost or variable costs based on the consumed energy.

Customer Management

As for any company, it all starts with the customer. Zero Friction Customer Management maintains all the essentials about customers. It gives you a clear overview of your customers and everything is available in one place. Do you already have a Customer Relationship Management or CRM for short? No worries, Zero Friction can connect to it.

Customer Portal

With the Zero Friction end-user application, customers gain an insight online into their energy use and invoices and contact with customers is as low-threshold as possible. The processing of online relocations takes place in a straightforward and smooth way. All information is stored in a secure back-office application.

Thanks to the customer portal, end users are more aware of their energy consumption and you are always in compliance with the legal European obligation (from 1/1/2022) to provide monthly information about consumption and costs.

The customer portal can also be purchased separately from our invoicing solution. It can be integrated into your business software using standard APIs.

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