Impact as an attitude

Zero Friction strongly believes in generating positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return for its customers, employees, partners and investors.

Our mission is to maximize support for the heating & cooling energy transition by offering digital solutions which removes friction between heating & cooling suppliers and their customers. 

Support heat transition

With our enabling, easy to implement and scalable platform, we want to go the extra mile to support the heat transition. Offering heating & cooling suppliers of all sizes with a standard solution focus on reducing cost to serve and support their growth and customer experience.

Digital solutions

Besides the energy sources, digital solutions play a very important role in the energy transition towards a carbon neutral world. Digitalization of the meter to cash processes and the customer journey via Zero Friction SaaS platform is our core business. We make sure you are always up to date with the latest digital evolutions as we will continue to invest in our platform.

Advanced customer interaction

Providing the right information and adding gamification towards the end consumer will make sure there is a direct impact on their energy consumption. As a heating & cooling supplier you have an important service role towards your customers. End consumers expect transparency and receiving right information which can help them optimizing their energy consumption. The Zero Friction platform and customer portal supports heating & cooling suppliers in fulfilling their expectations.

Ecology as a habit

Ecology is in our DNA and we strongly believe that district heating & cooling play an important role in the energy transition. We see ourselves playing an important role in making sure this market is put in a positive spotlight. Besides this role, we look at our own role we can play in supporting the transition towards net zero world. We are supporting 2 initiatives; Brood(doos)nodig, en Plant Een Bos.

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