Get an overview of the Zero Friction solution that makes an impact on the heating and cooling market. Our SaaS platform has a lot of functions supporting your backoffice and frontoffice. It can easily be implemented into your business in no time. Do you want to be completely unburdened? Zero Friction has a total solution available.

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Dealing with change

Over the last 10 years more has changed in the energy market than in the previous 100 years and it is just starting.

Decarbonisation and impact

Heating market share of the global final energy consumption is 50%. A spectacular change is required. This will needs the support of information technology.

Welcome the digital era

The use of digital transformation for meter reading, customer care and billing has been underestimated in the heating/ cooling market as the traditional solutions are too expensive, difficult to implement and not 100% fit for purpose.



No need for a complex IT system! Zero Friction is a secure Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. You are up and running in no time.

Customer Experience (CX)

Have a branded engaging customer experience that inspires them to reflect on energy consumption and reduce the cost to serve.

Data and AI

Data, as the foundation for all advanced analytics and machine learning, is one of the most strategic assets a company can have. Zero Friction's open architecture allows you to harvest the power of Data and AI.

Process library

Draw on 100 man years of experience in customer care and billing in a SaaS platform.

Ease of implementation

Implementation requires days/ weeks instead of years.



How can you create impact?

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What are the functions of the solutions?

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Curious about what our solutions look like?

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Zero Friction easily integrates with your existing solutions.

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Software as a Service (SAAS)

The easy way, use the platform yourself.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Relax! We run the processes for you.

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