For social housing, care homes and housing corporations

  • Integration with sector-specific business software
  • Links to the measurement data systems of your choice
  • Zero Friction takes your energy invoicing off your hands and minimises your administrative burden
  • Flexible configuration per building or neighbourhood
  • Clear overview of energy flows, consumption and costs per building or district
  • Automatic invoicing based on tariffs or cost allocation
  • Immediate invoicing when relocating, if desired
  • Early detection of malfunctions
  • Complies with the legal obligation to make costs and consumption transparent for residents through the customer portal
  • 100% in compliance with the legislation

Our projects

“Zero Friction offers a service that perfectly matches our needs, but the pricing was also decisive in getting on board with Zero Friction.”

Johan Max, Team Manager for projects at Nieuw Dak

Nieuw Dak is a social housing company based in Genk. It relies on Zero Friction’s total services to invoice the users of collective systems.

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Nieuw Dak also has a heat network called ‘Kolderbos’ that distributes heat over numerous buildings. Here, in addition to invoicing Zero Friction also helps determine the correct pricing for residents. We also advise Nieuw Dak in the area of smarter measurement data communication. All of this is fully and automatically integrated into Nieuw Dak’s existing business operations and the Ordiges platform.


“We felt connected to Zero Friction straight away. I really believe in what they’re doing and I look forward to linking all the projects and the Cordium fourth-generation heating network to the invoicing platform.”

William Nelissen, Site Manager and Head of the technical department at Cordium

Cordium is a social housing company based in Hasselt. Zero Friction will be responsible for invoicing the buildings with a collective and often sustainable boiler room.

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Zero Friction is also helping Cordium integrate the system into its existing business operations. As an organisation, Cordium is developing all the time. Some time ago, it decided to purchase software to simplify the processes related to cost allocation and invoicing. Cordium also took part in a European project in 2014 in which it rolled out a fourth-generation heating network for 68 homes. Now that the project has been successfully completed, it is still proudly managing the heating network. In the future, Cordium also hopes to link the heat network to the Zero Friction platform.


Zonnige Kempen is a social housing company in Westerlo and surroundings. Sustainability and collective heat are the organisation’s top priorities. Zero Friction is also responsible for invoicing the individual residents and for integrating the system into the existing ‘Sociopack’ social housing package.

Hope is part of Zorgcentrum Eclips. It has a new building in Geraardsbergen with 42 service apartments and a canteen for which the collective heat and water are invoiced. Zero Friction is also responsible for the cost allocation for the various communal areas and canteens that don’t have separate metering.

For a care home with 60 apartments in Middelkerke Zero Friction supports the total service for the invoicing of collective energy. The individual residents are invoiced for their heat, water and electricity consumption. Their actual consumption is billed monthly by means of cost allocation and on the basis of the monthly energy invoices.

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