Software as a Service

The Zero Friction Software as a Service (SaaS) platform covers the meter to cash process reading for heat utilities and facility manager and service providers without the needs for complex IT infrastructure.

This “use it yourself” can also be extended with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service whereby we run the meter to cash process for you, using the SaaS application.

What does Zero Friction offer

  • A Software as a Service platform – no need for complex IT infrastructure.
  • Data storage and processing for 3 years.
  • Data processing capacity to handle hourly meter readings.
  • Standard up to 3 organisations – can be extended to multi organisation.
  • High security / GDRP compliance.
  • Standard process library and application documentation.
  • Support by phone, email and chat.
  • Quarterly refresher training.
  • User voice participation: have impact on the product roadmap.
  • Automatic updates of the platform.
  • Optional customer portal for end customers using the customer brand for bill and profile presentment and customer self service.



Active system user Monthly fee per user
Per active connection Monthly fee per connection
Customer portal Monthly fee per connection
Sending paper invoices Fee per paper invoice send by postal mail
Automatic payment processing Fee per transaction
CRM integration framework for Zendesk Monthly fee per user
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